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Time or duration of returning or cancelation to confirm

Time or duration of returning or cancelation to confirm

SRMB online return and Cancellation policy

Construction products / materials involve significant logistic cost. Since significant logistic cost is incurred in delivery of world class “SRMB” products, SRMB follows restrictive cancellation and return policy. In the rare event of customer not finding the products as per his / her requirement, cancellation or return option may be exercised in the following cases only.

  1. Products are not as per the applicable quality standard or not as customer order, for example SRMB Srijan Private Limited confirms to BIS 1786 (for more information visit product section at our website
  2. Delay in delivery of product by more than 5 days beyond delivery date committed by the company on order confirmation (order cancellation request to be placed prior to dispatch otherwise order cancellation request will not be accepted).
  3. Orders can always be cancelled within 24 hours post order confirmation intimation from the end of SRMB Srijan Private Limited.

  4. The alleged disputed products in the event of return of material should be unused and unaltered from its original packing and product condition.

  5. In all circumstances the alleged disputed products prior to return must be stored with proper care so that it is received by us in the original condition as dispatched.
  6. All return request post dispatch and confirming to condition as mentioned in sl no 1 above can only be processed / accepted within 7 days of delivery of material.
  7. All acceptance of return is as per the discretion of SRMB Srijan Private Limited and the decision of SRMB Srijan Private Limited shall be final and binding on the buyer .

Process of Cancellation / Return :

The customer shall have the following options at the time of cancellation / return. In case of request for cancellation / return, post dispatch of material and confirming to the conditions of return, the following process shall be applicable : (click here to submit order cancellation and exchange / payment refund request form) or mail your request at the following id : or call our toll free helpline number 1800 120 4868).

  • Joint inspection by representative of the company and customer’s representative to assess the complaint.
  • In case the issue of customer remains unresolved and return is necessitated, then logistics shall be arranged by the company at its own cost, however, loading of the material shall be arranged by the customer at his / her own cost. (Loading cost shall be reimbursed by the company to the customer bank account , subject to maximum @ Rs 80/- per M/T or actual whichever is lower ).
  • The material would need to be loaded within 3/4 hours of placement of vehicle, otherwise detention charges shall apply.

    Detention charges are as follows:

    For 1 day (1 day detention if vehicle stranded beyond 8 hrs of placement) : Rs 3000 /-

    For 2 days (2 days detention if vehicle stranded beyond 4 PM next day): Rs 6000/-

    For 3 days (3 days detention if vehicle stranded beyond 4 PM 3rd day): Rs 10000/-

    For 4 th day : Return request may be rejected at the discretion of SRMB, if the reasons for delay are due to the fault of the customer.

  • After loading of the vehicle and receipt of material at our end, the company shall confirm proper return of material within 4/5 working days to the customer.
  • After proper receipt and confirmation of the material at our works, free exchange of material / payment shall be refunded to the customer (after adjustment of pending charges, if any to the bank account of customer).
  • SRMB is committed to customer / dealer satisfaction, and we do everything possible to ensure best quality of products like TMT bars, stirrups, grill sections, construction coating chemicals. However in certain circumstances that are beyond our control and are not caused by this policy. Please note that we can not be held responsible for –
    • products supplied by dealers
    • behavior of dealers at the time of delivery
  • Please preview your orders carefully and correct any issues prior to placing your order.
  • If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may either call at 1800 120 4868 or can write to us at, by 7 days of from the date you received it or the date it was schedule to arrive.
  • Payment refund process shall be as follows:
    • credit card to refund to credit card
    • net banking to refund to net banking account
    • debit card to refund to the respective debit card account