SRMB Bandhan - Benefits Scheme for Online TMT Purchase

SRMB Bandhan - Benefits Scheme For Online TMT Purchase

For customers who put their trust in SRMB as a brand, Bandhan is our way of showing appreciation for them. At the time of registration or on their first purchase through the online sales platform, customers can enter the Bandhan agreement. A certain amount of purchase has to be made online within an agreed upon timeframe (usually 12 months) to be eligible for Bandhan. The benefits of Bandhan will come into effect once the desired purchase target has been achieved.

Agreement benefit shall be exclusively available online. Agreement based gift shall be in addition to any online and offline running consumer scheme as an add on benefit to be disbursed on completion targeted purchase.

  1. The customer can enter into Bandhan agreement at the time of registration or first product purchase through SRMB on line sales platform.
  2. After successful registration for Bandhan, details shall be forwarded to customer for reference purposes.
  3. The customer would need to log in with his unique User-ID and Password for all future purchase to be acknowledged under Bandhan Agreement.
  4. The customer may at any point of time log in to his account and check his current and previous purchase dates, agreement status etc.
  5. Bandhan Agreement benefit shall only be reimbursed on achievement of desired purchase target post 12 months (the normal agreement period).
  6. The customer shall have the option to upgrade or downgrade his Bandhan commitment during the tenure of the agreement. The benefit may change accordingly. On successful completion of the purchase target, the company shall send the gift directly to the customer.
  7. The customer has to contact our customer care to claim the gift after successful completion of the Bandhan agreement.
  8. A Bandhan registered customer will be eligible for the gift on achieving a lower slab (agreed quantity) as per the gift specified for that slab.

Ex. Say, you have agreed to purchase 5 tons in 12 months and purchased 2 tons then you can get the gift allotted for 2 tons and not 5 tons, which would not be applicable for higher slab achievers. Like if you have agreed to purchase 5 tons and purchased 10 tons then you will receive the gift allotted for 5 tons only as per agreement, whereas per your requirement you may modify your agreement within the tenure.


Email ID*
Phone Number*
Quantity* 2MT
Duration 12 Months

*I agree to the Terms & Conditions mentioned above.
MTItem Name (Op:1)
2MT Duffel Trolly Bag-18
4MT Raymonds suit length
6MT Philips Sound System
8MT Microwave Oven
10MT 2.5 GM Gold Coin
15MT Refrigerator 170 Ltr

*Conditions Apply.